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The AuditGenie™ Accessibility Testing Solution

Enter your website’s URL, click enter and wait for your report to generate. It’s that easy!

AuditGenie™ Accessibility Testing ADA compliance checker has been in business since 2012 with clients in every industry nationwide. Many of our clients are Fortune 500 companies. Our clients include corporate executives, attorneys, risk management personnel, human resource personnel, individual website owners, and web developers.

Test Your Website with AuditGenie™

Example image of where to enter url of website to scan

Scan Your Website Now!

Interactive Dashboard


  • View all web pages scanned and all issues found

  • View overall website accessibility performance

  • Request a quote to correct your errors

  • View total number of accessibility issues found

  • View total number of W3C errors found

  • View number of broken links

  • View web pages with the most errors

  • View total markup and CSS errors

  • View top your top priorities by type of error

  • Interactive chart of errors by WCAG type and Section 508

  • View full detail reports

  • Download all reports in excel

  • View Graphic User Interface of your website

  • Export a pdf version of the dashboard

Full page screenshot of AuditGenie dashboard

Total Web Pages Checked!
Total Errors Reported

The AuditGenie™ Accessibility Testing Solution Feature List

  • View accessibility testing reports in GUI format

  • Section 508 Error Report

  • ADA Compliance, WCAG 1 and WCAG 2 with all priorities

  • CSS and HTML error report

  • Broken links report

  • Line and column source code report structure

  • Detailed explanation of each error and warning

  • Warning and error report with relative code snippet

  • Generate all reports for the entire website or for one web page

  • Provides a deep scan to make sure no web pages are left unchecked

  • Overall Website Errors and Risk

  • Improves SEO

  • Downloadable Reports

  • Top Notch Support Service

  • Constant Updates & New Features

  • Advanced W3C full website scan and reporting

Test Your Website Now!

“New Wave of Website Accessibility Claims”

Opportunistic Attorneys are Filing Hundreds of Lawsuits!

Image of a gavel and a justice waiter. Indicating web accessibility settlements are on the rise.Target was sued for over $6 million dollars for having an inaccessible website? Don’t let your company be the next victim in the newest trend of lawsuits! Start testing your website now and ensure your website is ADA compliant.

Americans with Disabilities Act Laws are Now Impacting
Business Websites!

Test Your Website Now for Accessibility Errors!

A handful of opportunistic attorneys and individuals across the country are trolling the internet and filing thousands of lawsuits on unsuspecting companies over accessibility errors on their website.

An estimated 12,000 ADA Title III lawsuits will be filed in 2017

Carlson Lynch attorney logo.

“Carlson Lynch Sweet Kilpela & Carpenter in Pittsburgh — have sent out “demand letters,” as they are called, to as many as 25 realty and home-building companies in recent months. The letters threaten lawsuits if the firms do not agree to modifications of their sites. The warnings also raise the prospect of hefty financial penalties.” ~Washington Post

Custodio and Dubey attorney logo.

“When you hit a business in the pocketbook, they change their ways.”~ Vineet Dubey, Attorney Quoted in L.A. Times

Strojnik Law attorney logo.

Phoenix Lawyer “has sued more than 500 since starting in February 2016, and says he will hit thousands more in the state and hire staff to begin out-of-state suits…” ~The Economist

AuditGenie™ Works for Every Business

Businesses across the country in every industry, from education to e-commerce, are frequently faced with threats of legal action over the lack of accessibility to their website. Don’t leave your business vulnerable to an avoidable lawsuit! Ensure your website is accessible by using AuditGenie™.

AuditGenie™ is an accessibility testing site audit tool that was developed with the non-web developer in mind and perfect for Small business owners, Human Resource Teams, Risk Management, and ADA Compliance Checker experts. No programming or technology experience is required! Our user-friendly and affordable testing tool will allow you to quickly and easily identify issues with your website that could cost you thousands of dollars in litigation.

Image of a computer and cell phone with the handicap logo

Pricing Plans Start at $129

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