ADA lawsuitsOver the past several years there have been a growing number of lawsuits being filed surrounding Americans with Disabilities Act and the inaccessibility of websites. Some recent cases include Netflix, H&R Block, and Miami University. Disability advocates and aggressive attorneys seeking large settlements are filing lawsuits over company websites. Web accessibility cases have turned out to be, not only costly but, generating a significant amount of unpleasant media exposure. The hard truth company owners need to accept is the need for website accessibility is not going away and there is a tidal wave of lawsuits about to unfold in the near future. Soon, accessibility lawsuits will not only impact government or large corporations but have the potential to impact every company operating online.

Here are 5 reasons for ADA Lawsuits Over Web Accessibility:

  1. Web accessibility Lawsuits are easy for plaintiffs to find. Disabled individuals online or someone using assistive technology can simply browse the web from the comfort of their home and find inaccessible websites. This is similar to someone driving by a physical store location and seeing there is no handicap parking space available or other noticeable needed accessibility features.
  2. Website owners and operators do not pay adequate attention to accessibility. They have spent most of their time creating websites that have a superior physical appearance, and not on providing an equal user experience.
  3. The Department of Justice and other plaintiffs have had a significant amount of success with website accessibility lawsuits. Lawsuits are continuing to surface and will continue until online resources are equally accessible to disabled users.
  4. There is a current lack of industry standards and many misinformed company owners that have been lead to think their website is compliant, when in fact it is not. Web developers are looking out for their best interest, not the companies.
  5. Many website owners do not give ADA compliance the high priority it demands. They have not realized how damaging a litigation defense can be nor have they considered how compliance is far less than dealing with the legal hazards.

If you are interested in learning about how to make your website ADA Compliant, click here to receive a free website accessibility checklist based on the current WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards.

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