About Us

AuditGenie’s parent company, CRI, was established in 1979 as a Federal and State Regulatory consultancy, geared toward representing federal contractors in key areas of industry across the United States. The company has over three decades of experience assisting, representing and advising federal contractors and private clients in all areas of employment practices as they pertain to discrimination toward minorities, females, veterans, and individuals with disabilities. CRI has developed 1,000’s of affirmative action programs and have defended 100’s of federal contractors in various federal audits across the nation by the EEOC and OFCCP. CRI clients come from every industry (including banks) and include fortune 500 companies.

AuditGenie™ was developed with the non-web developer in mind, meaning no web programming experience is necessary for customers to use and understand the program. This robust online solution is designed to help individuals, small businesses, and large corporations test their websites for accessibility errors that can impact those with visual impairments and disabilities. Not only does this assist the owners of these websites in reaching a larger audience, but helps in diagnosing weaknesses in source code that can comprise a significant risk of litigation.  The AuditGenie™ ADA Website Compliance Checker addresses and mitigates these risks effectively by providing website owners with a means by which to identify points of vulnerability within their website.

AuditGenie™ has spent several years developing a ADA Compliance Checker that will automate the web accessibility compliance audit process. AuditGenie™ is able to crawl thousands of pages within a site, and provides both visual and automated reports that identify hidden website programming errors or warnings. If left uncorrected, these errors or warnings could result in costly lawsuits from special interest groups, opportunistic class action lawyers, as well as penalties for violating Federal and state statutes regarding web accessibility.

AuditGenie™ can provide interested parties end-to-end visibility regarding accessibility compliance, ensuring that visually impaired individuals share a comparable level of access enjoyed by sighted people, and also helping to limit a website owner’s exposure to legal liability.

Serving Clients in Every Industry