Remember McDonald’s Corporation losing a million dollar settlement because their coffee was too hot? Now, wrap your head around this piece of information, Target Corporation settled a six million dollar lawsuit because a blind college student couldn’t read their website!

In this video Will Kautz, with Executive Advisors, provides insight into online liabilities and gives his testimonial on AuditGenie™ a website compliance testing tool, “Keeping up with the web is a full-time job; AuditGenie™can help you manage your ADA compliance.”

ADA compliance regulations have been expanded to include your website. Watch this video and find out how you can protect your business:  

AuditGenie™ is a leading provider of an online website testing tool that is used by web developers, law firms, human resource professionals, and advocacy groups. AuditGenie™ can “crawl” 1,000’s of web pages on any website and provide both visual and automated reports that identify hidden website programming errors or warnings. Errors or warnings that left uncorrected could lead to lawsuits from special interest groups and/or violate ADA Regulations.