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DOJ Expands Interpretation of ADA to Include the Internet

The Department of Justice has expanded the interpretation of the Americans with Disability Act to include the Internet, meaning if you have a website and it is not accessible to individuals with a disability you can be sued! This video presented by James Gutierrez, president of Career Resources Incorporated, will discuss your online liabilities and [...]

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The ADA Compliance of a Website is Your Responsibility!

AuditGenie™is the leading provider in online ADA compliance support for businesses, our one-click website testing tool identifies accessibility issues with websites that could lead to a potential lawsuit under the umbrella of Americans with Disability Act. The ADA was established for the disabled to obtain access to brick-and-mortar businesses, today the Department of Justice and [...]

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AuditGenie™ Testimonial

Remember McDonald's Corporation losing a million dollar settlement because their coffee was too hot? Now, wrap your head around this piece of information, Target Corporation settled a six million dollar lawsuit because a blind college student couldn't read their website! In this video Will Kautz, with Executive Advisors, provides insight into online liabilities and gives [...]

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