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Outdoor Retail Company Faces Lawsuit for Discriminating Against Blind Customers

The outdoor retail company, Patagonia Works, Inc., is being sued by blind customers over the lack of accessibility of the company’s website. Michelle Sipe, Jill Gross and R. David New, with Access Now, Inc. (ANI), represented by law firm Carlson, Lynch, Sweet & Kilpela have filed a lawsuit in the US Federal District Court for [...]

Reebok Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Inaccessible Website

Popular athletic retail giant, Reebok International LTD., is facing a monumental, class action lawsuit for discriminating against blind individuals. Jose Del Orden has sued over Reebok’s policy and practice of maintaining a website that is inaccessible, denying blind individuals equal access to the goods and services of the company’s website. The class action lawsuit aims [...]

Blind Customer Sues Toys “R” Us over Their Website

Blind patron, Michelle Sipe has filed a lawsuit against toy store giant Toys “R” Us. Sipe claims she could not access the toy company’s website because it is not accessible to visually impaired and blind individuals, violating Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Additionally, Toys “R” Us is facing charges for unauthorized [...]

DOJ enters into a Settlement Agreement with Peapod, Requiring their Online Grocery Website to be Accessible to Individuals with Disabilities

The DOJ announced that they are entering into an agreement with Ahold U.S.A. Inc. as well as Peapod LLC, to repair apparent ADA violations. The major corporation is a leading provider of groceries online, serving over 23 million customers in the District of Columbia, East Coast, and Midwest states. The settlement was put into place [...]

American Cancer Society Agrees to Make Website Accessible

In 2009 a dispute arose over the accessibility of the American Cancer Society’s information materials. Materials including the nonprofits website, brochures and documents were being presented in formats that were inaccessible to the visually impaired. In February of 2009, The American Council of the Blind notified the American Cancer Society of the dispute and offered to initiate in Structured Negotiations in order to avoid a lawsuit.

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5 Reasons for the Growing Number of ADA Lawsuits Over Websites

Over the past several years there have been a growing number of lawsuits being filed surrounding Americans with Disabilities Act and the inaccessibility of websites. Some recent cases include Netflix, H&R Block, and Miami University. Disability advocates and aggressive attorneys seeking large settlements are filing lawsuits over company websites. Web accessibility cases have turned out [...]

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University Student Files Accessibility Suit against Miami University

Using the help of the NFB (National Federation of the Blind) a visually impaired attendee at the University of Miami named Aleeha Dudley, who is pursuing a zoology degree, will be filing a discrimination lawsuit against the school. The blind student had inspirations of becoming a veterinary care provider. The accessibility lawsuit claims that Miami [...]

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Weight Watchers Settles Accessibility Claims

May 9, 2011, a letter was sent to Weight Watchers by a blind individual who was unable to access the companies website and other digital programs. The letter claims that Weight Watchers was not in compliance with regulations and laws concerning the accessibility of public information, specifically the website and program materials did not provide [...]

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Louisiana Tech University Web Accessibility Lawsuit

Last July, the Department of Justice reported that it had come to an agreement with Louisiana Tech University to address claims that the university was in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The agreement will remedy assertions that the educational institution did not adhere to the ADA by utilizing a learning tool online [...]

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Charles Schwab Settles Year Long Dispute over Web Accessibility

Charles Schwab, a leading provider in the financial industry, recently settled an accessibility dispute over their website. The claims came from long time customer Kit Lau. Lau, a visually impaired customer alleged the company’s website was inaccessible to low vision, blind or cognitively challenged users. After a yearlong battle, in 2011, both parties agreed to [...]

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