The Department of Justice has expanded the interpretation of the Americans with Disability Act to include the Internet, meaning if you have a website and it is not accessible to individuals with a disability you can be sued! This video presented by James Gutierrez, president of Career Resources Incorporated, will discuss your online liabilities and introduce you to AuditGenie™. AuditGenie™is a one-click website validation tool that performs a series of compliance checks and identifies code violations. This website checking tool will provide a report and visually see where your errors are located and the best part is that you don’t need a programmer to do it!

Interested in learning how you can avoid an expensive ADA lawsuit? Watch This Video:

AuditGenie™ is a leading provider of an online website testing tool that is used by web developers, law firms, human resource professionals, and advocacy groups. AuditGenie™ can “crawl” 1,000’s of web pages on any website and provide both visual and automated reports that identify hidden website programming errors or warnings. Errors or warnings that left uncorrected could lead to lawsuits from special interest groups and/or violate ADA Regulations.