The DOJ announced that they are entering into an agreement with Ahold U.S.A. Inc. as well as Peapod LLC, to repair apparent ADA violations. The major corporation is a leading provider of groceries online, serving over 23 million customers in the District of Columbia, East Coast, and Midwest states. The settlement was put into place to resolve the Department of Justice’s allegations that the online company is inaccessible to many individuals with disabilities. The agreement requires Peapod to take on efforts to correct and ensure disabled users have the ability to acquire equal access and opportunity to enjoy the services, facilities and goods provided by the online company.

DOJ findings:
• Buttons, form fields, and images were not labeled or had incorrect alternative text
• Pop-up windows were not accurately reported for screen readers
• Frames left unnamed or unidentified
• Missing tables, header information and proper mark-ups
• Inaccurate captioning on the website
• Boldface text is utilized to indicate fields required
• Javascript on the site is not usable by individuals unable to operate a mouse
Settlement Agreement:
Ahold U.S.A. Inc. and Peapod LLC agree to:
• Ensure their website and mobile applications meet WC3 standards
• Make good faith effort to ensure vendors of third party content meet W3C standards
• Appoint a website accessibility coordinator
• Adopt an accessibility policy for both the website and mobile devices
• Provide a notice and ask for feedback on the website from visitors regarding the accessibility of the website and mobile applications
• Use a website accessibility tool to test accessibility in addition to testing by individuals with disabilities the Peapod site and its mobile applications
• Conduct mandatory annual training for staff on website accessibility
• Submit reports annually to the Department of Justice

Ahold U.S.A. Inc. and Peapod LLC are one of the many online companies being targeted for accessibility. Title III of the ADA requires places of public accommodation, including online spaces; to provide full and equal enjoyment of goods, facilities, services and prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability. Ahold and Peapod could have avoided this costly and lengthy settlement agreement by utilizing an online website validation tool to correct and maintain an accessible website.

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