Did you know... Corporations are now finding themselves in court defending allegations of their website not being accessible to individuals with disabilities?
ADA Regulations Are Requiring Websites to be Accessible to the Blind
The Department of Justice, the U.S. Senate and special interest groups are pushing ahead with their goal to ensure that individuals with disabilities are not being denied access to the Internet. This has resulted in companies coming under attack by unscrupulous law firms for large settlements.

Don’t let web accessibility be overwhelming and confusing. Yes, there are legal requirements and guidelines that can be convoluted and hard to follow, but using AuditGenie™ you won’t be asking questions like:

  • Is my (company) website accessible?
  • How do I know if I have accessibility errors?
  • Is my company at risk for potential legal problems?

These questions are easy to answer, with one click, you can detect errors that are not visible on your website. As an HR Professional ADA compliance is your responsibility and now you can monitor compliance without blindly trusting web developers. AuditGenie™ is a cloud-based validation tool that will help you maintain your companies ADA Compliance online.

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AuditGenie™ is a validation tool that can easily test an entire website. We provide the tools necessary to monitor websites and quickly identify errors that could lead to non-compliance with Federal and State Regulations.  With AuditGenie™ we have made testing your website easy, now all you need is your companies URL to get started.