Tecshare India is scheduled this year for February 13th and 14th and held at the India Habitat Center. This will be the fourth time this event has taken place and expected to have more than 25 exhibitors, showcasing a variety of modern technology products and services. Techshare is described as the largest technology event promoting accessibility for persons with disabilities and web accessibility.

Three themes will be focused on at Techshare India; innovate, adapt and evolve. These themes will be incorporated into four vertical events; employment, education, accessibility, and standards. 2,000 plus attendees are expected to attend the event. More than 50 speakers will be presenting on issues pertaining to web accessibility over the two-day event.  Key speakers will include Kiran Kaja with Adobe, Ted Drake from Intuit, and J. Alan Bird of W3c.

Research done by the Gartner Global Advisory Firm found that as much as 15 % of the world’s population has disabilities. The number of disabled persons is expected to significantly grow in the near future, largely due to the increase in the aging population globally.

The innovative event represents the significance and needed improvements for web accessibility globally and in India. The host site for Techshare indicates that it is now time for all areas government, corporate, education, and nonprofits to consider how to meet the needs of the disabled and society, “needs to evolve to create an inclusive environment.”