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Is your Website a Liability?


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Why AuditGenie™

Businesses across the country in every industry, from education to e-commerce, are frequently faced with threats of legal action over the lack of accessibility to their website.  Complaints and lawsuits are coming from disabled individuals, advocacy groups, and opportunistic lawyers. The time has come for companies to take action and make their websites accessible.

AuditGenie™ is a web application that allows its clientele to diagnose and fix problems related to website accessibility issues so as to eliminate potential liabilities outlined under state and Federal web accessibility laws, regulations, and guidelines.

Why Choose AuditGenie?

Aggressive attorneys seeking large settlements, under Title III of the American’s with Disabilities Act, are filing countless web accessibility lawsuits. Don’t get entangled in a lengthy and costly litigation, ensure your website is accessible and protect your company by testing your website using AuditGenie™.
AuditGenie™ was developed with the non-web developer in mind and is perfect for Small business owners, Human Resource Teams, Risk Management, and ADA Compliance experts. No programming or technology experience is required! Our user-friendly and affordable testing tool will allow you to quickly and easily identify issues with your website that could cost you thousands of dollars in litigation.
AuditGenie™ has been in business since 2012 with clients in every industry nationwide. Many of our clients are Fortune 500 companies. Our clients include corporate executives, attorneys, risk management personnel, human resource personnel, individual website owners, and web developers.
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How it Works

Enter your URL

Snapshot of AuditGenie dashboard. Where you enter your url to scan your website for ADA compliance.

Once you have signed up with AuditGenie it is as simple as 1,2,3. Enter your URL on your AuditGenie™ dashboard to start scanning your website.

AuditGenie™ will Scan your Website

Snapshot of AuditGenie dashboard showing the progress bar during a website scan for ADA web compliance.

AuditGenie™ will start scanning your website. This could take several minutes depending on how large and how many errors your website has. You will receive an e-mail when your scan has been completed.

View your Accessibility Report!

Snapshot of AuditGenie dashboard showing the status of a website with the number of errors and status of ADA compliance.

After your AuditGenie scan is complete, your report will be ready to view in your dashboard. You can view errors by line and column number so they can be identified in your code or by using the graphic user interface.

Scan My Website Now!

It’s the Right thing to do!

  • Excluding disabled individuals from your website is discrimination.

    7,327,800 individuals in the U.S. reported having a  visual disability (Disability Statistics, American Community Survey 2013)

  • If you end up facing legal action, it’s going to cost you financially.

    Plaintiffs face a minimum of statutory damages (e.g. $4,000 per violation), plus compensatory damages

  • Accessibility lawsuits are going to continue to rise. Don’t stand in line and wait to get caught!

    “The number of lawsuits filed in federal court is already at 3,435, up 63% from last year’s mid-year number of 2,114.”  (Seyfarth and Shaw)

Image of a gavel and block with a speckled grey background with a blue block and text,

For information on individual pricing plans and licensing, contact us!

Scan My Website Now!